Theory of Evolution By: Geoff Short

March 31, 2012 by CHAUVET DJ

What is the evolution of DJing? I’m not talking about gear. We all know the hardware and software we use is obsolete the second we hit the power button.

I’m talking about how being a special event entertainer and MC will evolve. Or…will it?

I think it’s inevitable. We’re in the entertainment business and entertainment continually evolves. HD movies in 3-D, virtual reality gaming, interactive TV on demand. Entertainment is not like other businesses that are created and grow in large part according to the demands of the market. If people want bigger SUVs the automobile industry cranks them out. Consumers want cheap goods and the convenience of one-stop shopping so Walmart is the biggest retailer in the country.

But with entertainment, people often don’t know they want something until some innovative performer or artist presents something they haven’t thought of before. Entertainment is not a tangible good people need like a phone or a car with good gas mileage. But it’s something they have a visceral reaction to. And if that reaction is good, they will buy more of it.

Our profession already has gone through changes over the years, but it’s not necessarily because our clients came to us and asked us to play music or make introductions differently. I think it’s because DJs are creative entertainers and good sales people. Like other artists, we have good ideas that we present and sell to our clients. Ideas that enhance the entertainment experience and create emotional reactions from the people that experience them. Uplighting, photo booths and personalized introductions are all examples of new ways (or at least they were new once) to entertain at special events that have moved our profession beyond its original purpose – playing music.

Surely our profession will continue to evolve. Some will say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. That’s not good enough. Funny thing about change and evolution. In order for it to happen, we have to be brave enough to try something different.

How will you evolve?

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