DJ Event Gone Wrong: Using Mixes at Events

January 7, 2017 by Jason Rubio

I recently heard about an incident involving a colleague, who’s a DJ, who had an upset customer. Apparently, the customer was upset that this DJ played some mixes he already made, and then went to the bar to get a drink. This customer went on a rant about my DJ friend, on Facebook, bashing him and really degrading him. I’m not too sure how long the mixes were or how many he played, but apparently, the customer had a problem with this. Surprisingly, the client refused to pay the DJ, stating that he wasn’t going to pay a DJ who played already-made mixes. I was astonished to hear this, and surprised that this situation even occurred.

I can understand that the client may have been bothered that perhaps the DJ wasn’t always mixing live, but in my opinion, you hire a DJ to play music for an event and keep you and your guests entertained. Whether the DJ chooses to use pre-made mixes or mix live, shouldn’t matter. Obviously, I’m not advocating to show up and play 4 hours worth of mixes, but we all need breaks, so putting on a mix allows us to take a quick break to eat, go to the bathroom, get a drink, reboot your computer if your DJ software crashes, or do whatever you need to do. I have several different “just in case” mixes. I have various genres and usually only make a one set, 10-15 minute mix, but I also have a few 30 and 60 minute mixes, just in case. These mixes will get you through an event, while you troubleshoot. They’re life-savers!

So overall, if you don’t already have mixes, make some, ASAP! Also, if you want to avoid the situation that happened in the above story, always get paid before your event. Our policy is to get paid 3-4 weeks before every event. Obviously, you have to have a contract, so your clients feel comfortable paying before the event and your business reputation should speak about your professionalism, as well. We rarely have any clients question paying in advance, but when we first started out, plenty did. The only thing worse than an angry client bashing you or your business online, is having that client bash you AND you not getting paid for your work! Don’t let it happen to you!

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