Digitizing the Mobile Game Show Experience

July 16, 2017 by Mobile Beat

DigiGames has been an important part of Mobile Beat ever since 2004 when they burst onto the national scene at Mobile Beat Las Vegas. They have revolutionized the way DJs and other entertainers have brought game shows and trivia to private events and have even provided gear for game shows in the national media.

Known first for their stylish game show stations (a la TV’s Jeopardy), they were pioneers in the combination of physical game show stations with computer software. And it all started with Tom Dorscher up in North Dakota traveling the state with his unique game show system and all the other DJs asking where he got it!

Tom describes getting DigiGames started: “Basically I was a mobile entertainer. Stuck at bars and weddings for bridezillas and all that fun stuff, like everybody else. And karaoke was going great, enjoyed it at first but, as many karaoke jocks know, you kind of get burned out after a while on that. That gets kind of tough after years of doing that. So basically I saw a need for there being an interactive trivia game that’s computer-based. And once I started getting the idea in my head, it was just a matter of putting the nuts and bolts together to make a system for myself.

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