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January 17, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Odyssey Innovative Designs recently released their Remix Mk2 series of bags. It has started out as three different bags made for different levels of usage.

DJs invest thousands of dollars in their laptops, controllers and other tools of the trade. So why do so many NOT invest in the best gear to carry their important tech from gig to gig—even when they aren’t gigging with a full DJ rig? I have always recom- mended strong, ATA cases for your gear, but if you are a DJ who wants a soft case just for your “cockpit” items of DJ hardware, or a traveling DJ who needs to put these expensive tools of the trade on an airplane, Odyssey has the gear for you.

With three pieces in the line, they can handle anything from the more compact to the more expansive. Compact DJ controllers and mixers like the Rane TT series and the Sixty Two to the Pioneer WEGO and several Hercules models are accom- dated by the Remix Mk2 Series standard backpack (16”x10.5”x3” main space). The middle unit of the series is a larger backpack (18”x13.5”x4.5” main space) that will cover many Pioneer DJM and XDJ series pieces, as well as the larger Hercules controllers and the Allen and Heath Xone mixers.

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