Coming by the end of April – MBLV21 – 2017 Conference

Including: Celebrate Life – Marcello Pedalino,  Marketing Mix Tape: Reaching Tech Savvy Couples – Sonny Ganguly, Why Work Until You Die? There Is A Better Way – Mad Joe Martin, 5 Dysfunctions of a DJ: Self Sabotage that is ruining your business – Rob Ferre, Creating Autonomy: The initial steps to get the business to work for YOU – Jason Weldon, Champion In Any Field – Ted DiBiase,  Rise Above the Noise…How to Create Marketing Pieces that Attract Your Ideal Client – Vickie Musni, Sales 4 Event Pros – Mitch Taylor, Overkill, What DJs Do Wrong – Trevor West, How to Profit from Non-Profits – Geoffrey Sandler, Consistency is King: Why Building Brand Integrity is So Important, and Exactly How to Do It – Jennifer Reitmeyer, BOOM On School Dances – Jordan Neuhauser, Special Guest: Paul Oakenfold, “PASSION PRO”formance – Bryan Foley, 10 Things You Can Do To Throw a Better Party – Mike Walter, 10X Your Price – In Any Market – Justin Miller, Financial and Operational Success through Key Performance Indicators and Metrics – Matt Radicelli, Special Guest: Todd Mitchem – YOU, DISRUPTED, and MORE!

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