Digging For Nuggets: Finding Great Information in a Sea of Content

October 3, 2018 by Jordan Nelson

There is so much amazing, free educational content available nowadays. Whether you want to learn how to replace your vehicle’s alternator or unclog your kitchen sink, there is undoubtedly a YouTube tutorial or online article addressing the problem. When we talk about becoming a better DJ, MC, and business owner, there is an equally impressive and overwhelming amount of information available for us to enjoy. With so many topics being covered repeatedly, how do you continue to improve and learn from these resources?

Let me give you an example. One of my favorite podcasts is the PHDJ podcast with Joe Bunn and Mike Walter; I listen to it religiously every Friday. Many of the topics they cover, however, don’t directly apply to my business model as a single-op. Despite this, I come away from every episode with at least one new thought or idea to implement. To consistently learn in this way, I do a few simple things.

Attitude – Before ever giving up my time to read an article, listen to a podcast, or watch a video, I mentally prepare and tell myself that I will find something that is going to improve my company. Those that go into a seminar or training with an attitude of “this topic doesn’t even apply to me” rarely gain new insight.

Attention – When listening to a podcast, I make sure I’m giving the majority of my attention to what is being said and actively responding in my mind to the questions and prompts. When reading an article or watching a video, I keep a notebook or my phone close to take note of important lines and tips.

Application – It’s quite possible that the topics covered in an article will not directly apply to my company, but that doesn’t matter. The principles behind the topics are what’s important. I may not need to know how to effectively deal with a poorly performing employee, but the principles may help me in my interactions with a venue owner or another vendor.

What are your favorite educational resources available to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jordan Nelson is the owner of SLC Mobile DJ in Salt Lake City, UT. A native of the tiny southern Utah town of St. George, Jordan began his mobile DJ journey as a junior in high school. After traveling to Salt Lake to attend the University of Utah, Jordan completely revamped his business and invested heavily in sales and master of ceremonies training, turning his $400/event company into a $1,500/event company in under a year at 22 years old. Jordan developed a strong passion for lighting and lighting programming during his early DJ years and has written 2 books for mobile DJs on the subjects. When he is not spending his weekends at weddings and events, you can find him at the local gun range or hiking with his beautiful wife.

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