Denon launches MC2000 DJ controller, invites prospective spinners to ‘own the party’ (video) — Engadget

October 5, 2012 by Mobile Beat

Load and start track A. Load, and start track B on the next down beat. Adjust pitch / speed of track B to keep in time with track A. Now you know the very basics of DJing, you might want some hardware to practice it on. Fortunately, for you beginners, Denon has just released the MC2000 DJ controller. An entry-level device that should get you (and your tracks) up to speed. Along with the plug and play USB device, you’ll get a copy of Serato’s DJ Intro mixing software (for which it was specifically designed) to get you started. If that’s not for you, or perhaps you’ve already earned your spinning stripes, and are looking for something compact, no problem — full MIDI output means this can work with other software options too. There’s a basic two-channel mixer snug between the pair o’wheels, and all the usual buttons for hot-cues and loops etc. As is fast becoming standard, the audio interface is built-in, making the hook-up at parties and gigs a much simpler — and less computer-bothering — affair. If has ticked your boxes, it’ll be available from October, commanding an estimated £269 / €325 / $299 out of your record budget when it does so.

via Denon launches MC2000 DJ controller, invites prospective spinners to ‘own the party’ (video) — Engadget.

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