Denon DJ Offers Mp3 Disc Playback for DN-S1200

May 12, 2009 by Mobile Beat


— Firmware upgrade for Denon DJ’s latest DN-S1200 portable CD and MIDI DJ controller, enhances its features to include playback of MP3 on CD-ROM media —

— The upgrade, included on new models, is available to existing owners as a FREE download from —

ITASCA, IL, May 12, 2009 — Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of reliable, premium-grade DJ equipment, announces an upgrade for its DN-S1200 Media Player & Controller. The portable and powerful DN-S1200 already features playback of MP3 and WAV files from USB mass storage devices via its fast USB 2.0 ports. Denon DJ now boosts the functionality by implementing MP3 disc playback, via firmware, at no charge to its customer base. The Free-of-charge upgrade is downloadable from the website and enabled from the DN-S1200’s system upgrade capability via USB.

The DN-S1200 is the most feature-packed compact tabletop DJ controller on the market, advancing further Denon DJ’s reputation as the manufacturer of the most rock-solid reliable DJ controllers. The unit measures just 8.46″/215 mm (W) x 3.44″/87.4 mm (H) x 9.13″/232 mm (D) (without feet and Jog Disc).

The “killer app” features on the DN-S1200 are the multi-function touch sensitive Jog Disc, with its ultra-high resolution pulse and touch sensor mechanism and the unit’s Dual USB connectivity options – one for connecting portable music collections on hard drive, flash drive or iPod® (giving access to powerful on-board features like Instant Start, Seamless Looping, Scratching and File Searching) and one to control PC and Mac DJ software programs like NATIVE INSTRUMENTSTM Traktor®, Virtual DJ® and others. The DN-S1200 incorporates its own high-resolution (24-bit) USB audio interface, with a 2-channel stereo output pair – so there is no need for an external sound card. Fundamental features of SERATOTM Scratch Live® can also be controlled off of a USB flash drive or CD via timecode when used with Rane/Scratch Live hardware.

The 110 mm Jog Disc mechanism accurately reproduces the most rapid or the most subtle scratching movements made by the human hand, and can perform other vital functions such as pitch bending, scanning, file searching and Dry/Wet control for effects. Three platter effects include Brake (adjustable in real-time), Dump (reverse sound without losing true forward time, like a radio edit) and Reverse (plays music backwards and platter spins backwards too). The four superb built-in DSP effects include Flanger, Filter (High-Mid-Low), Echo and amazing Echo Loop, all with full parameter adjustment and a unique Dry/Wet mix control.

The illuminated slot-in, quick loading, fast reading CD drive offers a variety of audio compact disc support, including CD-R, CD-RW, CD-TEXT and now MP3 discs. Denon’s proprietary Next Track function enables search of tracks or files on either CD or connected USB media by eight different criteria (without interrupting play) and seamless crossfade on command. Crossfade time is user adjustable.

Two Hot Starts can be made on-the-fly and easily turned into Seamless Loops. The Hot Starts can also be used as Stutter points. The 4-way BPM counter provides Auto Beat Detection, Manual TAP and Manual BPM Input; it also reads MP3 / WAV BPM Metadata from USB devices (if available). The Memo function allows Cue point, BPM, Pitch Setting and Range, Pitch ON/OFF, Key ADJ ON / OFF and Seamless Loop A and B data to be stored directly to file for later recall. In addition, CD memo data can be exported to USB memory and shared with other DN-S1200 players.

For long mix transitions requiring high pitch resolution, the S1200 offers a 100-mm pitch slider with 0.02% for the 4% pitch range and 0.05% for the 10-16% pitch range. 24% / 50% / 100%
ranges are also available.

Another unique feature of the DN-S1200 is its informative and animated tube display. The display offers two lines of character information to quickly navigate through users’ CD TEXT tracks and USB files. A visual 32-position Marker Point indicator follows users’ hand movements at lighting speeds without drift. Other indicators include Looping, Hot Starts, BPM info, Elapsed / Remain Time, MP3 / WAV file types and other usable indicators.

The DN-S1200 will support Qwerty, Qwertz and Azerty USB keyboards (in nine different native languages) for simplified song search and assignable shortcut key functions, and two DN-S1200 players can be linked by a single RJ45 cross-cable (CAT5) for various shared operations such as Memo Cue Points from CDs, Relay Play and the use of a single keyboard.

The Denon DJ DN-S1200 is available now with an SRP of $599.99.

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