Date Your Couple Before Trying To Book Them (4 of 4)

March 5, 2018 by Terry Lewis


Always begin your meetings by asking questions about your prospects and their day.

Once you’ve asked a question stop talking and emphatically listen to your couple’s answers, never interrupt their flow other than to ask supplemental questions once their response has come to a natural ending.

Let your couple do most of the talking, remember, brides and grooms love pre-living their wedding day so this is the best way to get them to open up excitedly about the biggest celebration of their lives. Your goal is to get them to reveal precisely what they want and don’t want so you can feed it back to them and be what they want you to be when you eventually present.

My favourite opening question is: “So what’s the Love Story between <bride and groom’s name>?”

This will get you impulsive laughs or at a minimum wide smiles offering the perfect way to open the discovery stage of your meeting.

When people laugh they relax, when people relax you increase the chances of them liking you and when people like you they are more likely to book you.

It is very important to understand there is a syntax to client meetings, an order which if juggled will produce different results. It may be that the reason you are not currently getting the results you want is you could be doing all the right things but in the wrong order, or missing out a step. Let me give you an example of a syntax to help you understand this concept more clearly:

‘Johnny ate the fish.’ ‘The fish ate Johnny.’

Identical words, different syntax, very different outcomes for Johnny!

In another example, avoid giving ‘upside down prices’. Price revelation should occur after you’ve articulated value, never before.

Above all, do everything in your power to make this process a highly personalised experience for your couple, for example, use their names, wedding date and venue when appropriate during your discussions.

Syntax overview


  1. Nobody will give you their total attention unless you surround yourself in an expert glow. Some wedding creatives shy away from this saying they do not want to talk in glowing terms about themselves. To this, I say get over it, if you don’t who will? Remember you have to think like a bride, and she is thinking she wants the best which is why highlighting your outstanding credentials are key. Prospects will never buy into you if they are unimpressed with your first impression. You must have in mind what attention-grabbing benefits you want your avatar to know about you. At this stage, you want to instil confidence in your ability to over-deliver. Pre-selling is a prerequisite.

2. Set out your positive advantages to consolidate the above.

3. Give free gifts to help your avatar blueprint their wedding and steer them into viewing you as their expert based on the quality, value and usefulness of the free information you openly give. Brides are thinking they want the overwhelm and stress to go away and are looking for a ‘done for you solution’ so they can relax and enjoy their day. Aim to be that ‘done for you’ person. Design your wedding experience to de-stress and delight.

4. Unless you offer a venue, let prospects know that many venue’s list you as a preferred supplier. Why? To trigger the power of social proof. Having high numbers of luxurious wedding venue’s endorse you via a listing as a preferred supplier adds credibility to your positioning as the go-to person in your industry. If you are not yet listed in high numbers, keep getting better at your craft until venue’s notice you. If you soar above the average supplier in your field and are different enough it is a matter of time before your invitation to be listed comes.


5. Now is the time to deliver your message, never before. Having set the stage as the expert capable of over-delivering, your avatar will be open and receptive to your message. Aim to solidify a true and certain belief at a deeply emotional level that you can meet all expectations. Do this successfully and your couple will decide you are the one for them before you even get to price; more often than not.


6. Always read out an emphatic testimonial before price revelation to put prospects in an emotional state because remember, hiring a wedding supplier is an emotional, not a rational decision. Your bride and groom will use logic afterwards to justify the price.

7. Declare prices – If you have resonated with your couple, by now they will be ready to buy and you’ll have no need to sell. It will not be about price, rather which prescription will be right for them.

The better your ability to articulate value and convey worth, the easier you will find it to book your avatar.

OK, having talked about the presentation, let’s see it in action… And for that, I’ll see you in my next mini-series of wedding marketing!

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