Cyber Monday – 3 Items That Will Improve Your DJ Skills

November 25, 2018 by Michael Cordeiro

Now that you’ve recovered from the orgy of food on Thanksgiving Day and survived the malls on Black Friday; it’s time to set your sights on Cyber Monday. Arguably the busiest shopping day of the year. Most of us are probably hunting for specials on audio and lighting. Those shiny new pieces of equipment meant to dazzle our clients and make us look like the best DJ in the world. Don’t be distracted by the squirrels!

Invest in something that will last you longer than a fifty foot XLR cable or new LED bar. Your education. What new training manuals, books or DVDs are you planning on getting to improve your knowledge and skill as a DJ? Did that thought even cross your mind? I’ve put together a list of three training tools you should definitely add to your library this holiday season.


The 1% Solution DVD collection by Randy Bartlett. Definitely one of the most comprehensive training tools for DJ’s ever created. This set of seven DVDs teaches you how to make small changes in your performance to get big results. Randy breaks down events into their smallest parts and gives real world examples that you can immediately put to use at your next gig. Every year at the beginning of wedding season I go back through and watch them. Buy them and you’ll know why. You can get them here:



Be The Difference Maker by Mike Wieder. I was honored when Mike asked me to review his book for Mobile Beat Magazine earlier this year. Got to say I was pleasantly surprised. I thought Be The Difference Maker would be geared towards new DJs, but I found myself nodding in agreement and thinking I should be doing more of what he wrote at my events. Bottom line is that we sometimes forget how much of an impact we have on people’s lives with our job. Be The Difference Maker reminds us in a big way. Get your copy here:



On This Date In Music By Mike Walter. Released a few weeks ago, this new book by Veteran DJ, author, lecturer and podcast personality is more than just a labor of love and music history book. If you followed Mike’s Facebook series Today in Music than you already have an idea of the basis for On This Date In Music. Mike’s book dives deeper into the creation, myths and legends of some of the greatest pieces of modern (1950’s forward) music ever made. Why is this book important?

Ever go to a new restaurant and ask the waitress about an item on the menu only to have her tell you that she has no idea how it’s made or if it’s any good? Her job is just to bring your food to the table. The chef is responsible for knowing the ingredients, right? Too many DJ’s fall into the same trap. They just play the music without any idea of where it comes from, how it was made or it’s influence on music history and culture. We have to be better than that as an industry. On This Date In Music is definitely required reading in my book. Get your copy here:

Before you buy that new blinky light or controller, invest in training yourself. You can’t put a price on the value you receive from a great education. Share this blog with family and friends so they can get these for you. Perfect stocking stuffers. Happy shopping!

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