Cut Your Set-up/Break-Down Time in Half!

June 26, 2016 by Jason Alexander

Problem: Tough loading/unloading.

Whether you’re new to the DJ business, or a veteran, one thing is for sure: loading and unloading equipment is hard work, especially for mobile DJs, who bring so much equipment! For the last few years, we used a traditional dolly that converted from a vertical, standing (44″ tall), 2-wheeled dolly, to a flat, 4-wheeled dolly. We still had to make 2-3 trips to bring all of the DJ equipment, and 2-3 more trips, for photo booth equipment (we bring two SUV vehicles).

Solution: A better dolly and a “GripnGaff” bag to go with it!

Three weeks ago, we acquired the “R-16 RockNRoller Multi-Cart” and a “GripNGaff” bag! Wow, these were truly a godsend! Here are the details, below.

The RockNRoller: The R16 is the perfect solution for DJs, musicians, photo booth staff, etc. This dolly is easily transported by any vehicle, folding up nicely into a 32″ flat dolly. The best part is that you can unfold and extend this dolly to 52 inches! Both sides also come up and are 32″ on each side, too! There are multiple ways to configure this dolly, but we found the flat dolly to be best for our needs. We fit our entire DJ setup (for medium sized venue) on the dolly, making just ONE trip! We also fit our entire photo booth setup on it, also in one trip! Wow, 5 trips, cut into TWO! The no-flat tires are large, and will handle just about any terrain! The frame also has anti-skid material, which really helps with transporting.

The GripNGaff Bag: This bag was made to fit perfectly on the dolly. It’s a super-strong, heavy duty bag that slips right on the dolly, allowing you to load speaker stands, light stands, folding stools, and whatever else you can fit into it! The bag also has an adjustable strap, to make it tighter, or looser, to help in transporting your gear. This bag eliminates you having to carry your stand bags on a separate trip, or placing them on the dolly, hoping they don’t slip off!

The Bottom Line: Get them, today! Trust me, they’re well worth the investment! Cut your set-up/break-down time in half! Here’s the link, to order:

Photo booth loading onto R 16 - Austin's Best Photo Booths

Loading photo booth equipment

Austin's Best DJs - equipment on R16

All the DJ gear in one trip!

Austin's Best DJs - Loading DJ gear

Loading DJ gear onto the R16

Austin's Best Photo Booths - loading gear

Diana, loading photo booth stands into the GripNGaff bag!

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