CSNL Video Projector Mount System – Easy Speaker Stand / Tripod Mount

April 16, 2018 by Brian S. Redd

My friend, Art, had a problem a couple of weeks ago. He was trying to mount a projector, but he was limited on space and the system he had wasn’t working out real well for him. So I showed him this. This is the video projector mount system from Colorado Sound and Light or CSNL.com. Now, this allows you to mount virtually any projector on top of a tripod and it’s completely adjustable. It comes with this base that allows you to do up to a 4 point projector mount. We only need three points on this one. It also has all the hardware you need to mount it, such as spacers, screws, and washers.

Now, all you have to do is take this color and screw it on to the projector base. And then put it on top of your tripod. Lock the clamp down, and you’re good to go. And as you can see, it’s fully adjustable.

Art:  I didn’t actually realize they had these products out there that I had — that went onto a pole because the one I have, I had to custom make myself and it was a bracket that clipped on here. You had to screw on. So it just really sandwiched it together. Now, to adjust it, I had to unscrew some bolts, shift it around. And its set up time was horrible. This thing — oh my gosh. You just loosen up the clamp.

Brian:  Yeah. Anywhere you want.

Art:  It’s a little sensitive, but look at that. You got — just be a little careful when you unloosen it because it’s — it’s a ball bearing. So it goes anywhere, any direction.

Brian:  It’s a ball joint.

Art:  It’s beautiful. So this time set up time was what? Twenty seconds?

Brian:  Nothing.

Art:  And this projector is nice because it automatically finds a keystone. So you literally just fine tune it. Done. Go home. Right? So yeah. Very nice. I’m going to probably steal this one from you, Brian. So you might have to get another one.

Brian:  It figures.


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