Creative Lighting Ideas – A Disco Christmas Tree For DJs

January 15, 2018 by Brian S. Redd

Hello, everybody. Today, we’re going to build a Christmas tree out of a light stand and micro Scrims and some cool lights to put underneath it. This is a silly lighting video. If you don’t like my silly lighting videos, please turn this off right now and go — I don’t know — watch something else. Watch some Star Wars trailers or something.

Anyway, this was inspired by my daughter. Our tree that we have over here is about six and a half feet tall. And the reason we have a tree that tall is because that’s about how tall our picture window was and we like the tree to be visible from the picture window the whole thing. But we do have nine foot ceilings in here and my daughter’s, like, “What would a nine foot tree look like?” Let’s see. Let’s make a tree out of this 10 foot tall light stand, which really going to crank it about eight and a half feet, some micro Scrim and some cool effect lights here. Check it out.

Now, the absolute ideal way to do this would’ve been to have gotten one of those three-sided Scrim King light stand Scrims in white. I don’t own one of those. I have one in black. In fact, I have two in black, but none in white. So what I did was thought I’d try something different. I do have light stand Scrims — single sided light stand Scrims in white. So I’m using two of those. And then I have a speaker stand Scrim in black for the back. And the reason I’m putting a back on this is so when I put my lights inside of here, I don’t get a lot of reflection on the back wall. It’s going to help a little bit. Ideally, this would’ve been a light stand Scrim; it would’ve fit better. And of course, we could’ve done all white, but we’re working with what we have here today.

Every tree needs a star and in this case, we’re going to use the starburst. It’ll look really cool when it’s done. I’m going to crack this stand up. This is a crank stand; makes it a little easier. I’m going to take it all the way up to the ceiling. Now, for me to give this tree the feel I’m looking for, I’m going to add a couple different kinds of lights; something that moves inside of the tree and something that illuminates it.

The movement, we’re going to try this Galaxian IR laser; it’s a red and green laser. It should work great as a rear projection effect on the light crepe. Now, to illuminate the colors, we’re going to go ahead and use this Dotz Par. The reason I really like this Dotz Par is because it’s really bright and it’s got a built-in filter so it spreads light out more evenly. It should light the thing up pretty nice. So let’s go ahead and plug them in and see what they look like.

So now, my kid never has to wonder what a nine foot tall Christmas tree would look like in her house. Now, I’m not suggesting anyone actually builds this thing. Having said that, you could absolutely do something like this for a Christmas party. What a cool compact light show for a Christmas party. It’s one light stand. You’ve got wash, you got lasers, and you got a cool ball spinner right on top creating a mirror ball effect with colors. Or maybe you think it’s silly. Maybe you’ve got other ideas. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about being creative.

So take it for what it’s worth. I hope you enjoyed this video. We’ll see you next time. Practice, and enjoy.

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