Creating A Landing Page That Sells

December 30, 2015 by Nick Jensen


You have done all the hard work. You have crafted your offer, you have driven traffic to your new landing page and now it is time to see your hard work pay off. It is time to turn those clicks into clients.

To make all this work we need to understand the focus of the landing page that your new visitor has arrived on.

[ If you are not familiar with landing pages and why you should be using them, read this post first: Why You Should Be Using Landing Pages  ]

The key to success with landing pages is to keep your page focused.

No distractions.

The highest converting landing pages often have zero distractions. No exit links. No sidebar. No real header. No footer.

It should be noted that various ad platforms to have requirements on how your page is setup and you should review their terms of service before publishing your ad and linking to your new landing page.


What landing page type is right for you?


There are different types of landing page styles that we will all use at one time or another. It is important to understand what type you should be using in your situation.

Squeeze Page (Optin) – This landing page type is used for generating new leads

Sales Letter Page – This landing page type uses mostly text elements to make a sale

Video Sales Letter Page – This landing page uses video to sell your service

So what type is right for you? For the purpose of this post our focus will be to Generate More Leads so we will talk about the Squeeze Page.


Using A Squeeze Page/ Optin Page


We use squeeze type pages often. Our primary goal of this squeeze page is to build our email list. We know that once we are able to get a new contact onto our automation sequences that we can build rapport and the trust we need to establish to then turn them into a customer.

This is primarily used in conjunction with a Lead Magnet ( or a Bribe) offer in exchange for their email address. [ If you have not yet created your Lead Magnet offer yet you can learn more here: How to create and irresistible Bride Magnet ]


The Elements That Make Up A Good Squeeze Page

Creating A Landing Page


An Offer That Matches your message. Why did the visitor come to this page to begin with?

Google Ad Make your wedding Memories With XZ Entertainment

Enticing headline that relates to the offer that brought them to this page in the first place

Make Lasting Memories on Your Wedding Day With XZ Entertianment

A sub-headline that reinforces the primary offer with a clear call to action.

Plan a unique wedding reception tailored to you

Bullet points that show the benefit of the offer they will receive once they give you their information.

By selecting us as your entertainment you will benefit by: A, B, C

An attractive and enticing image as is relates to the offer. It is best to avoid lame stock photography.

Seriously, standard stock photos tend to suck. While there are some websites out there that offer some more natural style images, you are in the event business. Show off your events, your clients and the REAL PEOPLE that you make memories for. 

A Form. This can be either an on page form or a form that pops-up when a button is clicked (also referred to as a 2 -Step form.)

Keep it simple and clear. A Name and email will do just fine if you have your follow up systems in place.

A clear call to action that tells your visitor what you want them to do.

Get Your Wedding Checklist, The Elements of a Remarkable Reception

A button with contrasting color so the action you want them to take is clear.

The text on the button uses a Give The Result instead of a simple Call to Action

Send Me The Planner v. Submit

A visible Privacy Policy & Terms of Service located in the footer area of your page.

Not only are these required by many of the advertising platforms but they will help with conversions as well.

Bonus: Social Proof. When adding in testimonials or reviews of the offer visitors are more compelled to give their information as they can see results of others before.

Gather your testimonials and place them appropriately as it relates to your offer. Don’t post reviews of your photo booth if you are offering a lighting design planner.

Bonus: Enable Social Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the Like.

While your landing page most likely won’t go viral, some of your visitors might want to share what it is you are offering. 




The Focus, remember the focus of the page is to capture your visitors information so you can follow up with them in a manner as it relates to the offer.

When creating your landing page and understanding the focus the elements of the page should fall in line.


Sales Letter & Video Sales Letter Page



We are not going to dive into how to write and amazing sales letter here. Knowing when to use a sales letter page is what we will focus on.

When it is time to make the sale or turn your new prospect into a paying customer we are ready to pull out the sales page.

The most important piece of the sales page is THE OFFER. You don’t need a professional copy writer to write your sales letter you just need a strong offer that relates to your prospect.

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Testing Your Offer


With everything marketing related, testing is important to increased success. The only way to improve your success is to test multiple aspects of your page.

Many of the leading Landing Page Platforms offer a built-in A/B testing tool that will allow you to create a Variation of your landing page and alternate the sending of visitors to each version until one is proven to be working better.

While many of these can be done with a simple A/B test of removing an element here or changing a color there, one thing that you will learn quick is this:

If you are getting a lot of visitors to your landing page but not seeing a lot of leads, the most likely reason is your OFFER.

You can have the prettiest looking landing page, with all of the proper elements that are suggested, but if your offer is bad no one will want it.

Your Challenge & Free Landing Page Review


I know this can be a bit intimidating but the only way to see results is to do it. Launch your new landing page into the world and start testing for results.

To help you get started I want to make you this challenge.

I want you to start using landing pages in your business and I want to help you by reviewing a few select landing pages you created right here on the Mobile Beat Blog.

So here is what you need to do:

Create your new landing page following what we talked about here and the reasons and methodology here: Why You Should Be Using Landing Pages

If you don’t have way to build a landing page yet, try out ONTRApages for free

Once you have created your new awesome landing page submit it for review here:

 Free Landing Page Review

Start building your new landing pages today and generating more leads for your business.



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