Create BIG Events for Larger Profits

August 25, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

Have you ever been to a concert before? I know that is a redundant questions!

But think about the enormous amount of equipment that is used to create that concert – Staging, Sound equipment, Lighting, Special effects, Video screens, transportation just to name a few. What does all of this & many other elements that are there to make it happen have in common?

They all come from different sources & are brought together to make the whole experience!

Take this same idea & apply it to smaller events that you are or could be a part of every week.Picture2

Go after the larger College concerts. We approached a local college that was looking to host a concert for back to school a year ago. They knew nothing about producing such a large event. After meeting with the committee, they decided to hire me to plan, produce & coordinate a concert. It was a BIG task. From establishing a needs analysis to helping them select an actual performer.

Once they decided on T-Pain, we had to make an official offer to an agent to book him! Negotiating the terms & needs on the contract as well as the rider was my responsibility. Once the offer was accepted, now we have to secure the vendors – Staging, sound, lighting, fencing, port-o-lets, security, generators, transportation, etc. 94k later we have a concert!

I’m not suggesting that you go after such a large endeavor first. Try to work with a company or organization that wants to book a regional act for their fundraiser. Maybe a Non-profit needs help with their yearly gala that books a band or two for the entertainment?

Having vendor partners established, learning from experience from previous events & being able to talk the language gives you the ammunition to go after the BIG Events!

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