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Time for some crazy book sales – These are some books that have been on the market for a couple years but if you haven’t read them yet, and we have them taking up space in our warehouse.    Lets clear out the Mobile Beat warehouse and have you learn something in the process.  Note: The prices in here are only available via these links, not the general bookstore.

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Increase Your MDJ Biz and There’s a Mobile DJ Customer On Line 2 (Line 2 delivered via email pdf and mp3)

Is it really possible to increase the readers mobile DJ business by 30% as soon as next month? Yes and it can be done without spending a lot of money! Bob’s book shows the reader how to increase bookings next month by doing something different this month. Expect things to improve radically by making changes this month with new ideas, a plan, and a willingness to put that plan into action. Inside, the reader finds advice on finding new customers, handling customer objections, getting the most out of consumer events, how to effectively follow up leads, build a repeat business, and much more, and There’s A Mobile DJ Customer On Line 2 By Bob Popyk CD and workbook on telephone skills by Bob Popyk that is an inside look at the questions you need to ask a customer on the phone to increase your mobile DJ business right away.

Introduction to Computer DJing and CPS by Charles E Snyder III

Lays the solid foundation of essential knowledge from which readers may successfully incorporate cutting-edge computer technology into their Mobile or Club Disc Jockey Businesses.

Wedding Horror Stories And How To Avoid Them by Anthony Barthel

Anthony Barthel has been known as one of the best writers in the wedding industry. Now he has compiled the first edition (of hopefully many) of Wedding Horror Stories and How To Avoid Them. Enjoyable reading for wedding professionals and for anyone involved in planning a wedding!

Turning Music Into Gold by Jeff Mulligan and Ryan Burger

Turning Music Into Gold is written specifically to help mobile DJs book more events, and make more money! This book is packed with powerful ideas, strategies and tactics that will help the reader out-market, out-advertise and out-sell the competition.

Spinnin 2000 by Robert Lindquist

This is THE “How to” book for the DJ industry. Eleven chapters filled with tons of information on how to become a better DJ, how to buy gear, run multiple systems, and how to make a living as a mobile DJ. It’s an absolute must for new DJs that want to get started right and prevent common, costly mistakes.

Might As Well Dance by Judson Laipply – Keynote from MBLV17

This isn’t your average self-help book. Discover a philosophy of living that’s as energizing as it is practical in Judson Laipply’s Might as Well Dance

All 6 For Only $20 for US Addresses – Click Here!

All 6 For Only $35 for Canadian Addresses (costs us $21.75 just for shipping) – Click here


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