Crap, I’m a hypocrite.

March 3, 2016 by Arnoldo Offermann

I’ve gone more than 2 years with the same promotional video for 4SchoolsOnly. Well, technically it has been 7+ years, but I refresh the footage once a year. I’ve yet to do that. While the content still looks great, I know that the WOW factor could be stronger if we use recent footage. Remembering this, my priorities have shifted a bit- I need to get this done.

That being said, when is the last time you refreshed your content, especially videos? It amazes me how often I see DJs still showing videos from SEVERAL years ago; some of these videos look like they’re straight outta the ’90s. This isn’t just promo clips either, but any online content on your website. If you have a blog or “recent events” and the most recent entry is from months ago, what does that say about your business? If this is the case, and you work VERRRRRRY part-time, then don’t date your entries.

The same goes for reviews. If the last review came from 2001, stop it. It’s embarrassing.

Not only does changing photos and videos (or even rotating) keep your site looking fresh, but it also pleases Google. Google HATES website who get less updates than Donald Trump’s hairstyle.

And remember, despite of what any DJ tells ya, SHOW YOUR GEAR. Please don’t post generic or stock photos of it, but DO show off your lighting. DO show off a wild shot of you mixing. DO show off all those shiny buttons and knobs that say “I KNOW HOW TO DO STUFF!” A helpful tip is to look at the photos & videos your competition has on their websites and see what they all have in common. Find something completely different and upload that. The Pattern Interrupt will be KEY to getting people to notice you and your brand!

So get out there and update your media!!!

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