Control A Multi-Fixture Light Show Wirelessly (And Effortlessly) With American DJ’s Single-Channel UC3 Wireless Controller

June 18, 2010 by Mobile Beat

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Control A Multi-Fixture Light Show Wirelessly (And Effortlessly) With American DJ’s Single-Channel UC3 Wireless Controller

Now DJs, bands and mobile entertainers can control multiple lighting fixtures wirelessly from anywhere in the club or room, with one easy-to-use handheld remote unit. American DJ has introduced the UC3 Wireless, a single-channel control pack with 4 outputs that provides the capability to remotely control 4 compatible ADJ Master fixtures – and an infinite number of Slave fixtures – from as far as 325ft./100M away.

Based on the design of ADJ’s highly popular UC3 remote controller, the new UC3 Wireless carries the concept of the original unit’s easy single-channel wireless control a step further, allowing users to link up as many multiples of their favorite UC3-compatible fixtures as they want, and control them all from a wireless handheld unit. Useful for all DJs—especially wedding/event emcees—the UC3 Wireless Controller’s 325-ft. operation range, to add perspective, is more than the distance of an entire football field!

“People loved the ease of control provided by our original UC3 remote and were asking for a similar wireless product that could control a multi-fixture light show,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “So we decided to take it up a notch and come out with the UC3 Wireless. Like the original, the UC3 Wireless is an easy-to-use single-channel controller with wireless remote. But instead of only allowing you to hook up 4 fixtures, you can link as many ‘Slaves’ to these 4 ‘Masters’ as you like. This puts the ability to control an entire light show, with multiples of American DJ fixtures, literally in the palm of your hand.”

A disc jockey, for example, could plug ADJ’s Revo Rave, Jellyfish, Galaxian and Tripleflex into the UC3 Wireless Controller. Then he/she could hook up an infinite number of like fixtures to each of the four Master fixtures. Let’s say the DJ owns 5 Jellyfish light fixtures; four of these could be linked to the Master Jellyfish. If the DJ also owns 3 Revo Raves, 2 of these could be connected to the ‘Master’ Revo Rave – and so on. “When you add it all up, the UC3 Wireless gives you the power to run a pretty big light show from one tiny remote unit,” Davies pointed out.

In total, some 55 American DJ light fixtures are compatible with the UC3 Wireless Controller, giving DJs, bars/clubs and mobile entertainers a mind-blowing range of options. “Almost all of our recently-launched fixtures are UC3 compatible,” said Davies.

Linking up a light show with the UC3 Wireless is easy, too. You simply use ¼” stereo cable to link between the pack and the Master unit, and DMX cable to link between fixtures.

The UC3 Wireless is packaged as an all-in-one turnkey solution that includes the wireless pack, along with a credit card-sized wireless remote. The remote provides Control Stand By (Black Out), Function and Mode options for each output. Another incredibly handy function is the remote control’s Lock function. This allows DJs to create the settings they want, lock them into place and return to those settings later. Hold down the Lock button for five seconds and your settings will be saved until you unlock them using the same method.

Also making a DJ’s job much smoother is the sleek controller’s ease of use, miniscule weight and portability. The UC3 Wireless is a breeze to assemble because it was already synchronized at American DJ’s factory. DJs only need to attach the included antenna and IEC cord to the actual unit and insert the battery into the remote control. (The battery is included). The UC3 Wireless can be mounted on truss, lighting stands, walls or ceilings.

The lighting controller weighs just 3 pounds/1.3 kg. Its dimensions are 10.25”L x 4”W x 2”H/ 262x100x47mm The UC3 Wireless powers up at 120V or 220V and operates on a 433.9Mhz RF (radio frequency)

The MSRP of the UC3 Wireless Lighting Controller is $159.95.

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