Conquering Christmas: Ten Tips To A Full December

September 25, 2016 by Michael Cordeiro

holiday-party-planning Yes, I know, fall just started and I’m already talking about Holiday parties. Christmas is less than 100 days away and I already have 27 events booked for December. Most of those are midweek events. My Friday and Saturday evenings are filling up nicely with annual clients and a few new ones. I have a wedding booked for New Years Eve. This just didn’t happen. I have a system in place that helps fill my calendar and make every Holiday Season Rock!
Back in 2006 my company booked over 67 events just for December. It was awesome. Then the bubble burst and 50% of clients canceled the following year. That was a big pill to swallow. Many of those companies still do not have annual holiday events. Why? The corporate culture changed so much between 2007-2009 that holiday parties were now viewed as an unnecessary expense. Due to the economy the number of local DJs increased exponentially, while corporate clients decreased. More elves, fewer presents.

I needed to max out my calendar for December. I knew my guys were counting on the extra gigs to giholiday-happensve their families a great Holiday season. I developed a ten step procedure that I initiate every September right after Labor Day. By the end of September all my dates are 95% booked, contracts are out and deposits are coming in. I can schedule all my staff and equipment 2 months in advance and breathe easy knowing the season is gift wrapped and ready to go.
Here it is:
1. Confirm date, time and venue with clients that booked early
2. Contact all of last year’s clients to see if they have picked this year’s date
3. Contact all our clients that used to have holiday events. Good to stay connected
4. Contact local after school programs and YMCA centers. Midweek special events
5. Contact local Senior centers. Midweek holiday luncheons. Easy and great money
6. Contact all local venues. Group holiday events
7. Let all your clients know of any new services or decor you provide. Upsell!
8. In house corporate parties. Midweek Karaoke and photobooth bookings
9. Breakfast with Santa at bigger venues. Need music, Lighting, screens, Decor
10. Social media blasts to friends and on LinkedIn. Get referrals.

During December I am literally out everyday at an event. Most days I have doubles. Why? Because I have a system that works. The work is there. Go after it. Have question on how to max your holiday revenue and fill up your calendar? Contact me at:
Happy holiday-party-inviteHolidays!

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