Connect With Authenticity Part 2

September 10, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

This week we continue where we left off with how to get your client to listen more intently to what you have to say.  Previously I mentioned that it’s important to make your client laugh. I said to the bride we were speaking of that we’re a full-time entertainment company and that since this is our sole income, we have to do a great job for you or we don’t eat….and I like to eat :).  If delivered well that can create a bit of laughter and this bride laughed, and it helped our company connect with her on a deeper level.  

Connect with authenticity with your couples, share with them a story that communicates effectively around the core beliefs of you and your brand.  A different day another potential client came into our office and a different story just organically came up in conversation about a situation that applied to them and how we could help.  There was no powerpoint, no pre-set script, just natural, free-flowing conversation, but with a catch. The catch is the conversation, the story, the point…HAS to be centered about how you SERVE THEM.  

What stories can you use? What parts of your life or what areas do you have where you can showcase that you are the expert? How can you find ways to connect with authenticity with them? What’s your role? What are you trying to do?  Here’s a clue: Your first priority should not be to make a sale. Your only priority should be to connect with authenticity with your potential client. That’s it. If you connect…you’ll earn all the sales you could hope for. 

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