Connect With Authenticity Part 1

September 3, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

Connecting with authenticity means that you actually create a bond with your clients up front, you actually create a connection and find some common ground. Sometimes this is WAY easier to say than to do.  Some clients you’ll connect with on a deeper level than others. Let me share with you an example of two different phone calls I had with a potential client.  


The first one I absolutely connected with them.  We met at a bridal show. She chatted with one of the ladies on my team, Kaylene.  Kaylene made a nice connection with the bride by just commenting on the weather, or something about her attire and it got the bride talking.  Come to find out, the bride originally was thinking of just having an acoustic guitarist at her event, that’s it, and even had some friends of hers in mind for fulfilling that part of her reception.  


During our conversation I found out that her friends weren’t being very responsive about music and timing and things like that.  I was able to have the conversation around the fact that she should have her friends perform if that’s what she wants but also share how we as professionals can give her the peace of mind that perhaps her friends cannot.  Jeffrey Gitomer has stated in the past, “At the height of laughter, is listening.” Find a way to make your client laugh. They’ll listen to you more intently. What did I say to get her to laugh? I’ll be back next week with the answer and part 2 of this series.  


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