Competitors Or Friends part 3

November 22, 2018 by Mitch Taylor

In my conversation with this gentlemen he brought up that he had the same feelings about me that I had about the aforementioned gentlemen about a decade ago.  He asked me “Why Mitch did you accept my friend request? Why do you take the time to chat with me?” I told him the story I related above about me being “starstruck” about a decade ago.  I realized after talking with these gentlemen that they are NOT elitists at all. Bill Hermann, Mark Ferrell, Jim Cerone, Randy Bartlett and anyone else who is a leader in this industry put on their pants the same way we do.  Lee reached out a helping hand when I needed it starting a business in a place where no one knew my name. Lee has been a great mentor, business associate, business partner and most of all best friend to me over the last twelve years of my life.  Each of the aforementioned gentlemen have two traits in common. They know that we ALL started somewhere and they’ve chosen to give back somehow to the industry that has given them so much.

In any walk of life or career, it’s important to NEVER forget where you came from.  I started out playing dances using OLD PA equipment and stepping out of a back door to cue up cassettes in my car.  Your challenge…if you choose to accept it…is to BE A LEADER. It doesn’t matter if it’s getting more involved in your industry publically via speaking, writing or blogging or if it’s more of the quiet kind of leadership and being a mentor and friend to someone in or near your market.

Many of you who have read my articles for any length of time realize that I write many of them while on a flight somewhere either traveling to a DJ conference or vacation.  This one is no exception as I finish this somewhere in the air between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles to depart for a cruise tomorrow to celebrate my 40th birthday with great friends I’ve made in this industry and their wives.   I’m a firm believer in WORK HARD. PLAY HARD. What did Lee see in me? Who knows? He’s sitting right next to me here on this flight. I think I’ll ask him here in a bit. 🙂


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