Communication Is Key Part 2

May 25, 2017 by Mitch Taylor

communication is key part 1Here’s the continuation of last week’s article on Communication Is Key.  Remember we left off with her stating what others are doing and how they aren’t being helpful.  Here’s how we responded:


My response:


Hi Amber,


Sure…we can do that.  When’s a good time for us to get together to chat about your wedding?




Bride’s Reply



 I work in Marquette at Lowe’s.  My next days off are Monday and Tuesday.  I have a cake appointment in Marquette on Monday at 12pm.  Where are you located and what is a good time for you?


My reply:


Hi Amber,


What about Monday at 1:30pm?  Would that work?


Bride’s Reply


Yes I think that would work.  What is the best phone number to get a hold of you in case I need too?  I have a cake appointment a 12:00 so I will be in town.




My next response was sending her an email confirming that date and time with an appointment reminder from DJ Event Planner.  Dialogue with your brides…as much as needed.  Speak to them the SAME way through email as you would over the phone.  


Bottom line.  Be REAL, Be honest and be relatable.  Brides want to do business with those who understand what they want, give them information in a timely fashion and people who connect with them.

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