Communication Is Key Part 2

July 12, 2018 by Mitch Taylor

This week we continue with Communication is Key.  Here’s an example of an email recently received and how we handled it to get the appointment.


Hello I am just getting ideas and prices at the moment and I was wondering around what your average pricing would be I would also like the uplighting also an email would prob be the best way to respond thanks for your time.


Let’s break down her email.  There’s a few negatives in here that you may trigger on immediately.  The words “just”, “wondering”, “average” and “email would prob be the best way to respond” can all be seen by the sales person as a negative.  You can’t let this sway you or put you into a negative mindset from the beginning as it won’t do you any favors.

My response:

Hi!  I got your email regarding entertainment and uplighting for your wedding.  I attached a photo above to show you examples of our work and how we can transform your venue too.  Feel free to call me anytime and let’s talk about your day. 906.786.6967. Thanks for contacting me and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  

P.S.  How’s your wedding planning going?

I acknowledged receiving her question and thenI gave her examples with what she wanted and asked for a meeting to see how I could help her.  Lastly, I asked a question in my response to continue the conversation. This is the best way to ensure you’ll get a response to your email.

Watch this space for the continuation of this email next week.  🙂


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