Christmas Party Gig Prep – New Old Christmas Music?

July 23, 2018 by Brian S. Redd

Hello, everybody. I’m doing gig prep for a Christmas party that we’re going to do tomorrow. Blanca and I do it together every year, and I think this is the fourth or fifth year in a row. I can’t believe they keep bringing us back. Now, dinner and cocktail go for quite a while at this party, and during this time, they like Christmas music. But they have very specific likes. They like classic Christmas music. They don’t want new stuff or things that are unfamiliar. I know there’s a lot of cool new stuff out there, but they don’t dig it at all.

So what I have to do is play the classics. And this is not a unique situation. Most of the holiday parties that I do don’t want new Christmas music. If they don’t know it, they actually get angry. The boss will come up and say, hey, what is this stuff? I’ve gotten some pretty neat stuff from Europe. Some of the classics over there, or some of the currents over there, from the UK, and they just don’t dig them at all. They want stuff that’s familiar for these holiday parties. I don’t know if you guys are into that as well.

But, you know, after several years in a row doing this same party, I don’t want to do the same Christmas music, but I need to do classics. So I’m kind of in a rock and a hard place. I’m going to grab some things that I don’t have, some stuff from Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I think that’ll be nice to throw into the mix. I have Linus and Lucy, but there are other cool tracks on that Charlie Brown Christmas album I’m going to grab. And, hell, maybe some other things, too.

But what do you guys play for your holiday music at your Christmas parties? Do you do the classics; do you do the new stuff? Are they cool with the new stuff? Because they’re not cool with the new stuff at my parties. If you’ve got some cool Christmas songs, I’d love for you to let us know what they are down in the comments section, stuff that people are responding well to or people like, let us know. So that’s it for now. Hopefully we get a lighting video up before I go to bed tonight. Thanks for watching. Practice and enjoy.


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