Christmas in July!

July 28, 2017 by Joe Bunn

It’s hotter than the third level of hell here in North Carolina, but we are already thinking about holiday parties. Why? Because clients are beginning to realize that they need to book them now to get the best venues and vendors for their upcoming corporate events and other celebrations. Let’s break this article down into two parts. First, marketing to get these shows, and secondly, what you need to know to make them a success once you actually get there.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me mention this. In January of this year, as soon as I felt like everyone had recovered from Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I sent out emails to every single corporate client that we entertained in late 2016 to ask if they would like to go ahead and re-book their same DJ for 2017. Right off the bat, over 50% of them took me up on that offer.

As I’m writing this, it’s mid-July and as soon as I came off vacation from the 4th of July, I started working on marketing pieces to get the rest of them booked, as well as add some new folks. The first thing I did was export (from my CRM) any corporate or private event (non-wedding) leads that came in over the past year. I exported ones that booked and didn’t book. I also made sure that all of the corporate clients we have worked for over the past couple of years were in there. Once I did the export, I imported that CSV file into Mailchimp (my preferred mass emailing program), and then proceeded to send out a professionally designed, short but sweet email to all of them. It read something like this, “Dear XXXX, It’s Christmas in July! Have you started thinking about your upcoming holiday or winter events? Now is the time to book to make sure you get an awesome DJ to rock your event. Please email us back or give us a call at the office to get pricing information. We look forward to hearing from you!”


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