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December 22, 2013 by Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership

EntreLeader Christine Fischer, president of C&A, Inc. in Owasso, Oklahoma, is a huge fan of Christmas. She loves all that decking the halls, goodwill toward men and holiday cheer. But it also happens to be the busiest time of year for her lab, which offers a specialized testing service for the oil industry. So in December, when a lot of small business owners can relax a unnamed-2bit, Christine and her team are slammed.

But despite all of that hard work and additional stress, her team is full of smiles, especially this year. So what’s her secret? As an EntreLeader, Christine has learned one of the main ingredients for winning is to be generous. And there is no better time for that than Christmas. As Dave says, “It’s the hallmark of people who live successful lives and who operate business with soul.” It also brings a lot of joy to both the giver and the receiver.

This year, Christine celebrated the holidays with the “12 Working Days Until the C&A Christmas Party.” Starting earlier this month, all 12 team members received a gift a day. The cost was around $10 each. There were Starbucks cards, movie tickets, Christmas CDs, soup mugs with the company’s logo on them and Nerf guns. Each day, the gift extravaganza also included a really cheesy poem written by their president. The not-so-quite literary offerings were a huge hit.

“They made everyone laugh,” Christine says. “We had a lot of fun with them.”

The two-week celebration ended this week with dinner at a local restaurant for team members and their spouses. Christine read another poem, which included all the team members names and what they meant to the company. Each person received T-shirts for the whole family and a tablet computer. As a bonus, the company is adding an additional 3% match for the team members’ 401(k)s.

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