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July 4, 2016 by Jay Maxwell

How do you celebrate a 25th anniversary? Interestingly, Mobile Beat was launched the year my wife digigames-maxwelland I were married, so two 25th anniversaries are on my calendar this year. My wife, Donna, and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary recently in a way that we will always remember. To me, that is the point of a celebration, to reflect on the beginning of the journey, take the opportunity at the milestone to count all the years’ blessings, then set your sights on what you trust are more great years ahead.

When we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in April, my wife left all the planning to me. She thought we might spend the day at the beach, or just stroll hand-in-hand in the historic part of the city. Instead, I drove her to the church where we were married, stood outside the door of the church, and asked her to walk up the steps of the church if she would still marry me today. Without hesitation, she walked up and gave me a kiss. Then I told her we should go inside the church and have her walk down the aisle as she did 25 years ago. She resisted at first because it was lunchtime in the middle of the week and she did not  want to bother anyone to come open the door for us. carvin-maxwellHowever, one of the front doors was already open. Although this came as a surprise to her, it was not a surprise to me, because I had arranged for the doors to be unlocked. When we went inside, she saw someone through the window in the inside door standing in the front of the sanctuary, so she suggested we leave. What she did not know is that the man standing down the aisle was there to conduct a wedding ceremony that day, our “wedding” ceremony. I pretended that I was going to go ask the man if it would be alright to have my wife walk down the aisle and if he agreed, I would wave my hands to her to walk on down. A minute afterwards, I was standing by the pastor waving my hands for her to walk down. When she walked down she recognized the pastor, a mutual friends of ours, and that he was there for us. He conducted the ceremony as if it were for newlyweds. It was a remarkable experience to again exchange vows and express our undying love for each other.

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