Carvin: Sound, American-Style

May 3, 2017 by Mobile Beat

On a recent West Coast business trip I enjoyed a full tour of the Carvin headquarters, just outside of San Diego, CA. To put it mildly, I was impressed. I’ve done many tours like this, visiting manufacturers, distributors and dealers, and I always enjoy them. I like getting to know the people and the environments that they work in.

Carvin is one of the very few music industry manufacturers who do almost all of their manufacturing in the USA, specifically in San Diego. The one small exception is some molded speaker cabinets, where just the cabinets are done overseas, then equipped with drivers, amps and more in San Diego. Carvin works with distributors on many of their product lines, but with products of interest to DJs (primarily amplifiers and powered speakers), it’s all direct to the DJ. For these DJ products they work with Daniel Lozano, US Sales Manager, who was my guide through the Carvin facilities. Danny is also the point person you will see each year at Mobile Beat Las Vegas, manning their demo room and talking with the attendees.


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