Care For Your Gear: Winter Cleaning & Organizing

January 3, 2018 by Jordan Nelson

I have an odd obsession with organizing, rearranging, and sorting just about everything in my life. Whether I’m alphabetizing my vinyl or moving my studio furniture I feel some sort of peculiar comfort from changing things up. With the start of the new year, this strange habit becomes helpful as I participate in one of my yearly rituals; a complete gear cleanup and reorganization that gets me ready for a successful year of DJ events.

Over the course of a year of gigs, our gear can get used and abused. Spilled drinks, crumbs of food, scuffs and scratches, dust, and a host of other things can make our gear look less than stellar. On top of that, in our hurry to get home to our beds after a long event our cable boxes, road cases, and bags can become a rats nest of cables, adapters, and clamps that become increasingly difficult to sift through at each event.

Start your new year off right by dedicating a few hours to clean and organize all of your equipment in preparation for your upcoming gigs. Crack open your controller case and give it a good dust and wipe down (and remove all the trash and gaff tape you’ve tossed in it). Go over the really noticeable scratches on the outside with black paint or a sharpie.

Open up that cable box or bag and get those extension cords and XLRs untangled, wiped off, and rewound. Double check your inventory; do you have enough of each cable length for upcoming events? Have you meant to order any converters or adapters that you are in need of and haven’t done it yet?

Pull out your speakers and give them a good cleaning (I do this way less than I should). Evaluate your speaker and lighting stands and see if it’s time for any replacements. Look through your lighting bags and see if you have a power cord in there just in case.

What yearly rituals do you have for your business? Let me know in the comments!

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