Can You Handle the Truth? By Mark Ferrell

September 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

I’m afraid that the truth is divisive. It’s not what I want. It’s not what would be best. It’s not “opinion.” It’s just unavoidable.mb151_100

The truth, when looked at objectively, divides DJs into groups. The truth, when looked at objectively, explains why DJs have never coalesced into a group of professional tradesmen and women. It explains why there are too few participants in associations and trade shows. It explains why DJs can’t charge enough to provide for their families without going multi or renting out gear or adding video services or selling seminars and workshops.

I don’t make this stuff up. Mike Buonaccorso didn’t make this stuff up. It’s just the truth. And this truth divides.

The trick is to explain the truth in a “down to earth” way that is non-threatening. Truly an amazing feat of prestidigitation. Because DJs, by their very nature, are easily threatened.

But if it’s too soft and non-threatening, the very DJs that need to hear the message the most will think that what Mike is saying—the truth—doesn’t apply to them: “He’s talking about the OTHER DJs.

“That is what happened when Stacie Tamaki wrote a post on her blog titled “How Much Should Your Wedding DJ Cost?” ( It was linked to by hundreds and hundreds of DJs who didn’t recognize that she was identifying THEM as mediocre or less than mediocre. She was too ambiguous. DJs wrote comments, sent the article to their clients, and linked to it from their websites—never realizing that they were the ones she was writing about when saying that the bar was set shockingly low.

The truth is divisive. Mike wrote the truth in his book, A Different Spin. He has spoken the truth with the credibility he has as a trade show organizer and former publisher, as someone who has listened, for decades, to those who provide services and products to mobile DJs.

DJs, if they are smart, will listen carefully, be honest with themselves, and own up to the truth found on the pages of Mike’s book… maybe even make some positive changes to the way they do business. If not, things will continue as they are: status quo.

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