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February 10, 2008 by Scott Faver

This week I have a clever way to entice multiple sets of guests to participate in a series games, dances or other activities. During cocktails/dinner visit the tables, be sociable, say hello, take requests, get a feel for the audience as a whole, and check the pulse of certain tables, and specific guests. It’s the usual DJ cocktail/dinner banter.At each table ask if anyone has their business card with them. Swap cards with the individual. If there are multiple offers, take all the cards you like, but decide to use only one card from each table for this activity.

If there are no cards at the table that’s OK – just casually get the name of a person at the table who you think is outgoing. Take notes as you go from table to table. Use the backs of the business cards or a place on your event notes.

Once you have a person’s name for each table, introduce each person. Ask them to stand. And stay standing. Explain that the person standing is “Number One”. We are going to “sound off” counting by numbers. The person to the right (of left if you like) is number two. The person to the right of number two is number three. And so on.

Make it fun. Have each person stand and shout out their number in a wave fashion. Everyone sounding off at the same time. Tables of eight will have the numbers one through eight. Invite guests to remember their number. Now you are ready to play!

Randomly call a number, invite all the number fours to the dance floor. With 100 guests, tables of eight, you should have approximately 12 contestants. Ready to play a game. They represent their table… Next call all the numbers twos and fives to compete against each other. Now you have 24 contestants.

There are plenty of variations. Check out my weekly game list for game ideas you can play with the contestants.

OH, and those business cards you collected? Be sure to send each of those guests a Thank You for attending the party! Vision Marketing, Vision Gaming, one in the same. See you in Las Vegas for MBLV07 where I will share more performance marketing ideas to take your business through the roof!

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2007 – 2:15PM – 3:15PM (Sonoma A&B) Scott Faver- Vision Marketing

Scott Faver has established himself as the Game Master with DJs from across the country. In addition to entertaining clients whose names are household words, he continually crafts new games for his clients and the DJ industry. Scott is also the moderator of the Interactive DJ Forum at and hosts a weekly on line chat, every Monday, discussing games and activities with DJs all over the world. A big part of the reason DJs have come to recognize Scott as the Game Master might be his being in front of hundreds of them at numerous conventions, cruises or in their own living rooms with his Four Game Master DVDs. A seminar with Scott means one thing: standing room only and fun for all! he also writes the Master’s Series in the ADJA Newsletter and can be found right here on Mobile Beat’s On Line Edition on Game Master Mondays. You can also visit Scott’s web site.

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