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January 24, 2017 by Brian Lawrence

When first developing a website and choosing a domain name, the vast majority of DJ’s pick one that matches the name of their business. And that’s pretty much the last thought on the matter.

internet1What most people aren’t thinking about is SEO. The domain should not be everything when it comes to building a fully functional, impressive, and effective online presence. You want to secure additional domains to give your business a distinct competitive advantage.

You can simply link the domain name to your current site, it’s easy to do and automatic. The second domain will be available via search engines so you can reach a larger audience searching for those terms.

How it Works
Domains are a solid long-term investment. Their value increases over time, especially if you generate traffic with them. With the right additional domain name in place, you can strategically enhance your business success.

It’s practically guaranteed that using these types of domains in marketing will benefit your business. Not only will your site get more frequent clicks, you’ll experience an increased response both online and/or in print.

Additional Domains = SEO Success
You already know by now that your online visibility is weak unless you focus on some real SEO. Additional domains allow you to make the most of SEO and incorporate into the actual name of your website. If done right, a secondary domain name will correspond with commonly searched terms. That means more people will find your business, even if they only did a keyword and/or location based search.

Additional Domains Increase Appeal
Think about it like this; your website link is featured in a blog. For example, DJ Spin and the bride and groom surprise their NYC guests by sparking a choreographed dance-off.

If you owned the domain, your company would fit well with this blog and your natural capacity to be featured just increased. And being featured like this would be based on the descriptive wording of your secondary domain. Being featured on other websites would strengthen your website’s overall Google rank.

It’s all about strengthening the real estate your website has on other sites. When another site links to your site, that clickable hyperlink term is called “anchor text.”  It’s more advantageous for that term to be descriptive rather than your company name. When it is descriptive, it increases appeal and familiarity, resulting in greater click-ability. And if the domain name matches the wording used in the link, it improves the quality of the link. People will respond. So will search engines. This is just one example of how owning domains descriptive of your company is valuable beyond just your business name (that will likely be searched less often!

Make it Keyword Rich
There is an ideal formula breakdown for picking a secondary domain name. Mix and match these various methods to find your ideal additional domain. Find a descriptive term that matches how a potential customer might search for you on Google. One great way to do this is to use Google Keyword Planner. Consider whether or not you are looking to maximize your online presence locally, or nationally.

For local visibility, the breakdown is as follows:
What you do + Where you do it
Where you do it + What you do

For national visibility, the breakdown is as follows:
Popular search term + What your business does
Incorporate some element of branding.

Take a descriptive word that also speaks to your niche, or resonates something positive. Example:

The benefits of owning the right additional domain name can’t be ignored. Aside from the potential for additional traffic, you’ll also increase the chance that visitors will remember your site, which increases the prognosis for repeat traffic and referrals.

This could mean something even more important for your business’s success; if your additional domain is familiar and memorable, your company stands a better chance of people searching for your service by typing in your domain directly. If that’s the case, they could easily find you without using a search engine and without seeing your competition.

Now for a bit of unfortunate truth; most of the better domain names are hard to reserve publicly and are expensive. That means if you wanted to secure yourself a quality secondary domain, you may need to buy it from a company that has already reserved it.

Regardless, the benefits of a strong secondary domain can’t be ignored. It can increase your online visibility, position you above your competition, and make it easier for potential customers to find you.

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