Business Card Marketing 2.0 Upgrade

September 28, 2016 by Rick Hardesty


When we launched the QR code on our business cards it was great! We saw a huge increase in website traffic and we had a few people that called requesting more info about our products and services, but the number of people that called and the number of hits on our website was way off.

When I create marketing and advertising I always make sure that I create ways that I can track where my customers are coming from and how they are getting to my website. In one week I had 5 phone calls, but 150 potential customers used the QR code on my Planet DJs Entertainment business cards. There has to be a better way! I want 150 hits to the website and 150 phone calls or emails requesting information about our products and services.

I threw away all the new business cards that I just had printed and created a new business and told all the employees we are giving the business cards, website, and Customer Manager Pro a 2.0 upgrade. One of the perks about the Customer Manager Pro Software that we created is that it’s open source so we can build features for the software in house or the customers that we sell customer manager pro software to can also build their own features within the software with little to no programming knowledge needed. As our business grows our feature Planet DJs Back Of Business Card list grows.

I sat all the employees down for a staff meeting and told them here is how it’s going to work. We have designed a new business card and on the back of the business card we are going to have two QR codes. The first QR code is going to say scan to request a quote. When the customer scans the QR code it will take them out to our new request a quote page out on our website and the customer can fill out a quick simple form with all their event information. Once the customer fills out the form it will send the admin an email stating the customer has filled out the form and then it will send an email off to the customer thanking them for filling out the form. When my office staff receives the request a quote email or they log into customer manager pro and see there is a new potential customer in request a quote they review the information that the customer typed in and they email or call the customer back asap and find out more about their upcoming event they are having.

I wanted to take the QR code marketing a step further and add a second QR code to the business card called scan to join My Account. When the customer scans this QR code it will allow to sign up for a My Account and they can manage all of their event information right from their cell phone, tablet, or personal computer.

Since we have created the new QR codes on the business cards and built out Customer Manager Pro to work with the business and allow the customers to request a quote on the fly and sign up for a My Account, we are now seeing a 75% increase in phone calls! Just last week we had 128 people use the request a quote QR code on the business card and we had 96 phone calls going out to potential customers that wanted a call back. Out of the 96 phone calls we had at least 18 hard bookings off the bat because customers loved the fact that they could keep track of all their event information in one place. Typically, the customers that use the request a quote feature get a call back or an email sent to them within a matter of minutes. Most of the time when we are out at a party the customer will walk back over to us and say wow you guys are good I just received a phone call from your company and they are sending me out planning guides and a quote. I am definitely going to use your company for my upcoming party. I have called four other entertainment companies and I am still waiting for a phone call or at least an email. When we put the join my account on the business card it puts the icing on the cake and seals the deal with the potential customer. So when we are out doing parties and a customer picks up a business card we always tell them they can scan the QR codes on the back of the business card and request a quote or they can join My Account and keep track of all their event information. When I go out and do events I watch what the customer does when they take a business card most of them take it back to their seat and scan the QR code and within 5 minutes I see an email stating they requested a quote or signed up for a My Account. Either way I get their information so I can send them out coupons and specials via snail mail or I can use the built in newsletter feature and send them out our weekly specials and promotions.

When you are creating new marketing campaigns for your business it’s important to make sure you build in ways that you can track your marketing and advertising. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post and if you want to learn how to take your business card marketing to the extreme and generate more new customers and have your employees working for you 24/7. Please check out our Front Office Extreme Makeover seminar at the 2017 Las Vegas Mobile Beat trade show.


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