Business Card Marketing 1.0

September 7, 2016 by Rick Hardesty

This is my favorite marketing piece.  If you are looking to increase your business and want more traffic coming to your website, then this is your ticket to get customers while their hot at an event.

One of the major problems we had at our company Planet DJs Entertainment in Michigan is not handling the businesscard-3.5inx2in-h-frontcustomers once they call us. We developed a product called Customer Manager Pro that does all of that and more. Our problem was when we would go to an event customers would come up through-out the party and ask for business cards. Typically, at an average event we would hand out roughly 25 to 38 business cards. Handing out that many business cards is awesome if you think about it. But the response we get after the event is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Being the type of person I am I can’t sleep until I find a solution to the problem. I want every business card that my employees hand out to customers be a soft booking. By soft booking I mean having the potential customer contact us about our products and services.

By adding a simple QR code to our business cards we have our customers at events going to our website and learning more about our products and services.  Lots of events we do customers come up and ask about different products and services that they just saw on our website. Since we have added our QR Code to our business cards and marketing material across the board we have increased our sales and increased the traffic coming to our website.

Marketing and advertising is a passion of mine I love creating new ways to generate new customers at our company. Stay tuned until next week’s blog post and I will show you how to take your business cards and QR code marketing to the next level and give it a 2.0 upgrade. This 2.0 upgrade will teach you how to generate hard bookings and land more events.

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