Business Card Checkup!

October 12, 2017 by Joe Bunn

OK everyone, let’s do a business card checkup! In other words, take a good long look at your business card, your first impression, your first line of offense. Is it any good? Ask others for honest feedback and then follow some of my tips below!

Design. The design is the key piece. Whatever you do, DON’T try to DIY design your card (unless of course, you are a graphic designer). I like to find local designers, normally freelance ones that work for themselves. They are cheaper than a large design firm and their turnaround time is usually very fast. Check their portfolio BEFORE spending any money, and then show them some examples of cards that you like. Also check out sites like,, and

Size matters. Business cards don’t have to be the standard size anymore. My card (shown here) is a small square with rounded corners. You can also get cards cut to any size or shape you want (called die cutting) to really attract attention. It will cost you a little more, but you get the “wow factor” every time you hand it to someone. One thing to NOT do is to make it large…that just annoys people when they can’t fit it into their pocket or wallet.

Make it match. Another key piece of the card is to make sure that it matches your current branding. In other words, your card needs to match your website which needs to match your brochure and so on.

Information is key. You would be shocked at how many of the cards that I collect that have NO Email address or website on them! The audience you are targeting (young couples getting married) barely even know how to use the phone anymore! They are constantly on the net looking for the best vendors. You need to have both email and web address on your card. Add that social stuff as well, but only if you keep up with it regularly.

Speaking of email addresses. This is never acceptable, Number 1, who still uses AOL? Number 2, why would you not have an email address that matches your website? In other words, it should be There are no exceptions to this rule! Anything less than a custom email address is simply unprofessional.

Final touches. You can add other elements like logo, professional head shot, phone, address, etc. just don’t make it too busy! Remember, sometimes less is more!


Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with to start the new year with a new card. I’ll grab one at Mobile Beat Las Vegas in March 2018!

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