Business Blogging: Key to Wedding Success?

October 8, 2008 by Andy Ebon

Business Blogging: Key to Wedding Success? By Andy Ebon

Blogs have become an unavoidable part of New Media. A blog is simply an online journal or diary, maintained by you, an individual or business owner. A blog is a self-service website, if you will, that enables you to write articles, post pictures, and field comments and responses, all in a variety of easy software scenarios.

“How can blogging be the key to wedding marketing success?” you might ask. Blogs are a search-engine-friendly, complementary piece to your existing website. Moreover, blogs address one major weakness of most websites. Most businesses don’t update their websites nearly often enough, which hurts them in search engine rankings.

Software Survey

There are three major blogging software platforms, and they all live on the Internet, not on your computer. They are: WordPress, Blogger, and TypePad. WordPress is free, open-source software. Blogger is free, owned by Google. TypePad has a free version, but except for the most basic features, is paid by subscription.

Blogger is the easiest to get started with. TypePad is nicely self-contained. However, the overall best software is WordPress. All three products are accessed from any computer (with an Internet connection) with a web browser. You can access and update your blog from your office, an Internet café in Paris…anywhere.

One of the key benefits of WordPress is being able to set it up in a file on your website. (For example, check out Having the blog work within your website is helpful, because all the activity that your blog attracts, counts as traffic to your website. That adds up to better search engine ranking in Google and other search engine services.

What to Write?

Realize that blogs are frequented by prospects, peers, customers, industry contacts, and the media. Simply put, you should write for your primary audience. What would interest them?

Resist the temptation to make blog posts an infomercial. You will never gain a loyal audience that way. The balance should be roughly 75% informational and 25% promotional. Angles that will entertain and interest a reader often focus on another person or industry business.

For instance, write about the great photographer you worked with last weekend; how he staged certain shots you’d never seen before, and how easy he was to work with. Don’t forget to throw in a link to his website. And then, email him about the free publicity you’ve sent his way. He’ll probably set up a reciprocal link.

One of better mobile DJ blogs is authored by Jodi Harris, of Sight & Sound Events, in Las Vegas ( Jodi’s blog content has evolved over time to share interesting information without being too self-promotional. The most successful feature is a monthly profile of a selected venue in Las Vegas. By showcasing places that Sight & Sound enjoys working with, Jodi provides good information to people planning their events, and gets a great reaction from her venue contacts. This is relationship-building magic.

Building Up to the Blog

From a technical standpoint, learning to blog is easy. The real challenge is writing on a consistent basis. Just once or twice weekly is fine. Don’t over promise. You can even write several posts on one day, and schedule them to become “public” on different days in the future. Using this feature allows you to keep your blog working while you’re on the beach, or just plain busy.

Before you start your blog, read lots of blogs, over a period of time. Not just mobile DJ industry blogs, but wedding industry, entertainment, marketing, and small business blogs. Read blogs about your favorite hobby. This will give you broad exposure to the world of blogs and will help you as you develop your own blogging style.

At first, develop your blog quietly. Work out the kinks over a couple of months. Then, you’ll be ready to “launch” and promote it, and reap the benefits.

More information and resources for blogging can be found at

Andy Ebon operates EBS Virtual Communications, a Las Vegas-based sales/marketing strategy and website development company. Now in its second decade, EBS has provided Internet and other electronic marketing solutions for companies in areassuch as: Associations, Hospitality, Entertainment, Weddings and General Business. In 2007 Andy refocused EBS primarily on selling to the bride and groom with his launch of The Wedding Marketing Network (, which includes The Wedding Marketing Blog ( He is a sought-after seminar speaker, and recently returned to the podium at the Mobile Beat Chicagoland show, after being a keynote speaker at the very first Mobile Beat show, back in 1997.

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