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June 21, 2015 by Ben Miller

I launched this website a little over 6 months ago and the response has been wonderful.  I’ve been able to help quite a few businesses and families with their goals.  I love writing and connecting with people.

When I first started I published a new article on this site about once a week, then I started adding video content as well.  I was intentional to create a variety of ways to connect with me (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc) so that I could reach as many people as possible and grow my brand.

Last year I wrote about the importance of tracking your traffic, and talked a little bit about how important it is to create great content (articles, videos, interactive tweets/Facebook posts).  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not just important to produce content to market your company or brand, it’s the most important thing.  In fact, I believe that businesses who fail to produce new and vibrant content will see a significant decline in business over the next 5-10 years.

Seth Godin (an international marketing superstar) decided about 10 years ago that he was going to publish new content to his blog EVERY DAY.  His daily posts range from a few sentences to a few pages long.  But by doing so, he’s amassed an army of followers (300,000 on Facebook alone).  Now, when he publishes a new book or product, he has loyal followers that are happy to pay a few bucks for his latest creation because of all of the great, free content he’s produced.

How are you interacting with your customers, clients, and friends?  Producing high quality, high-touch content is the difference between you and your How-To-Build-Your-Brand-1024x943competition… I guarantee it.

I live in Bloomington / Normal, Illinois (but I’m open to suggestions).  A couple of years ago, a local guy who has lived here his entire life created a  Facebook page devoted to conversations about the local bar/restaurant scene.  Two or three times a week he posts tidbits, updates and gossip about places to eat.  Sometimes he posts the history of one of my favorite dishes, or when a place is about to close. When there is a new post, I read it every time, and after I’m done reading that post, I click over to his page and go back a few stories to make sure I didn’t miss anything else.

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