Building a Better Bag: Namba gear helps you carry your tech safely by Mark Evans

March 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

While traveling to MBLV17 this past year I decided to bring a “roll-aboard” carry-on bag with me on the plane for all my electronics. You know: mb148_108Most of us nowadays have our laptop, iPad, camera, camcorder and other gear that we just don’t want to get lost or damaged in a suitcase beyond our control.

As I was walking through the airport with my small, wheeled carry-on, it would hit something, or the back of my foot, and spin around spastically. That started to aggravate me. Then, getting on the plane, of course I had to find a space for it…along with everyone else trying to save baggage fees. It seemed like everyone was bringing a rolling bag on the plane.

Well, that was the first and last time I will be doing that. My son told me that I should have just gotten a backpack like he had, because it was so much easier.


While walking the exhibit hall at the show I came across the Namba Gear booth and talked with their rep. I was really impressed with the selection and styles, so once I got home, I went online and did a little research. I ordered the Lil Namba Remix Backpack.

The 1st thing that impressed me was the location of the compartment for a laptop. There are basically three sections to the backpack, front, middle and back.

The laptop fits securely in the middle section with some pretty thick padding. Most of the other bags that I checked out had the laptop pouch in the front of the bag, which bothers me because doesn’t seem to offer enough protection.

The next thing that makes this bag great is the amount of space. There is enough room inside to include a controller like a Hercules RMX or American Audio VMS4, laptop, cables, microphone, adapters and even more. I’m guessing most of us who choose the roll-aboard option are thinking that a backpack will be too uncomfortable to carry through the airport. But as far as the feel of the Namba pack is concerned, the straps are very wide, making it very comfortable. There is even a pocket in one of them for your cell phone.

The quality of the pack is superb. The zippers are very smooth and the front is slightly hardened to protect all items that are in the front area. The backpack’s material is breathable, which means you should not get sweat on your back on those humid summer days.

The Namba backpacks come in a variety of sizes and colors. I got the Mayan brown, which has a very cool-looking blue interior. All in all, my Lil Namba Remix Backpack now provides me with a safer, more comfortable way of carrying my most sensitive technology with me when I’m traveling.

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