Breaking News: Technics Introduces NEW 1200 SL-1200MK7 Turntable!

January 7, 2019 by Jason Rubio

The king of turntables introduces the long-awaited direct drive turntable SL-1200MK7! (The European model is the SL 1210MK7). Yes, you read this right and this is NOT an old article! Just looking at the turntable will give you the chills! 🙂 The new model looks like the classic model you know and love and is every bit as reliable and durable as the original SL- 1200 that was introduced in 1972.

What’s the same with the new SL-1200MK7

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Classic Design
  • Same Operating Functions

What’s New with the SL-1200MK7

  • A coreless direct drive motor
  • Rotation accuracy
  • More powerful torque
  • Does not require replacement of parts (maintains high reliability over a long period of time)
  • No more rotation irregularity or “cogging,” which was an issue for direct drive turntables at times
  • High torque performance equalling that of the SL-1200MK5
  • High sensitivity tonearm (universal S-shape tonearm)
  • High-precision bearing (to assure excellent tracking performance, minimum stylus jumping, even in harsh playing conditions such as scratching).
  • Two-layer structure platter to eliminate unwanted resonance
  • Aluminum die-cast chassis
  • Detachable power/phono cables
  • Spring & rubber insulator (assures high sound quality and shuts out external vibrations under high sound level conditions) AKA – You can turn up the bass! 🙂
  • Starting torque & brake speed can be adjusted, individually, to your preference
  • Digital pitch control (rotation speed can be set to 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm or 78 rpm).
  • Pitch control function allows rotation speed within ±8%/±16% (nice!)
  • Reverse play function
  • LED stylus illuminator (high-brightness, long-life white LED, for improved brightness)
  • The LED light can be set to illuminate in either red or blue
  • Weight ~ 21 lbs
  • All black design


These are the big changes you’ve been waiting for. Yes, there are other turntables in the market with similar design, but well, they’re NOT Technics! As for the price, that is not released yet, but you can likely bet they will be more than $1,000 each! Will they be worth it? Absolutely!


What are your thoughts? Are you getting one?

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