Breaking DJ Complacency

June 9, 2017 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

When I entered the Mobile DJ world, I had one thing on my mind: to make a mark. It was not within me to simply settle for being average or basic in my approach to the craft of DJing. I remember the most creative time in my young life back in the early nineties. DJs of the nineties had to be agile, creative and entertaining. We could only rely on our skills in interaction, mixing, and properly designing music playlists that took the audience on a journey. A DJ, either in a club or at a private event, had to be smart and there were many ways to differentiate oneself from the others in our field.

As time went on, I created the longest running DJ/MC comedy show in Chicago: Comedy You Can Dance To, and then went on to entertain at countless weddings, corporate events and concerts as the warm-up act. When I finally stopped DJing in early 2005, I had moved on to become a behavior and cultural change leader in the corporate world. However, the drive to disrupt everything around me remained intact.

So, modern-era DJ, I have returned to challenge you with some transformative insights. I feel the need for this is dire because I’ve been watching an unprecedented level of complacency taking hold in the DJ world.

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