Branding vs. Booking?

July 14, 2017 by Stu Chisholm

On these pages back in August of 2009, Jeffrey Gitomer made an analogy between our entertainment services and various high-end products and venues at a Charlotte shopping mall. The bottom line seems to be that the guys running sales had empty stores, while high-end stores like Starbuck’s, Louis Vuitton and Apple had tons of customers lining up to hand over their hard-earned money. I’ve seen variations of this theme in social media recently, so let’s take a moment to unpack this idea a bit more fully.

To begin with, my very first thought was that Apple, Louis Vuitton and Starbuck’s have MASSIVE advertising budgets that dwarf anything that even large, multi-state franchise mobile DJ companies have to work with. Unless you’re another DJ or a bride who has recently been patrolling the internet, you’ve probably never heard of The Pros or Complete Music. What chance does a single-op DJ working from his/her kitchen table or home office have of convincing brides that they’re the “Starbuck’s of DJs?” (Not to mention how pretentious they might sound if they tried!) This isn’t to say that your branding, such as your name, logo and image are unimportant, but that maybe the comparisons are off the mark.

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