Brand Loyalty vs Customer Service Part 1

May 9, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

How interesting is it that you can have really poor or not the greatest customer service but yet brand loyalty will trump that?  Now maybe you are sitting here as a single-op reading this and saying “But Mitch…I’m not a brand…I’m just me!” You may think that but trust me…everything you do or say, or look or present represents yourself, your business and yes in fact your brand in someway.  We each are are own brand, whether we like it or not. How can you create brand loyalty in your business and how can that brand loyalty be above customer service?

Brand loyalty can be above customer service by the relationships you cultivate and working to incentivize strong word of mouth.  McDonald’s is NOT known to have the best customer service in the world, but they have brand loyalty. Why? They spend A TON of money on advertising, even though they don’t technically need to because EVERYONE knows who McDonald’s is as a brand and what they do.  Car dealers aren’t known to have the greatest reputation in the world at all, yet there are some dealers whose dealerships have been passed down from generation to generation with years of success. How does one dealership thrive and others struggle?  More on this in next Tuesday’s continuation of this article.

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