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October 3, 2015 by Rob Ferre

It’s October and that means it’s time for Halloween!

How are you filling your calendar this October?  Believe it or not, October is one of my busier months. I schedule a variety of events for schools from dances to assemblies. This year is one of the best calendar Octobers I have seen. With Halloween on Saturday, there is an entire week of events to lead up to the big day.   

You may be wondering what on earth you, as a DJ, can do during the week leading up to Saturday October 31st.  I’ll share with you several kinds of events and activities you can do to lead up to Halloween, including 5 of my favorite “go-to” Halloween songs. 

Carnivals:  The most popular events I do are family carnivals. I provide the music and the interactive entertainment. 

Assemblies:  These are rare, but fun. Some schools do parades during the day or right after school. In the assembly, we often showcase costume contest winners from the parades and have a variety of interactive, themed dances.

Community Celebrations:  Many neighborhoods like to celebrate together and create a sense of community through hosting a celebration complete with seasonal treats, contests, games, and music. 

Trunk-or-Treat:  This activity comes in many forms.  One option is actually gathering in a parking lot at a popular community center and everyone goes from trunk to trunk to collect treats and see how each trunk is decorated.  Other times, places of business like malls or hotel ballrooms sometimes sponsor decorations and trick-or-treating activities.   Communities sometimes opt for this option instead of going to door-to-door for safety reasons. 

Activities:  At these parties I like to play games with people as they come into the party. One game that fits the theme is Mummy Wrap. Where you have multiple teams wrapping someone else in toilet paper. First to use their entire roll wins.

Interactive Dances:  This one is is rather obvious, but there are ways to improve upon just playing music and hope people dance.  Try doing a freeze dance with a Halloween spin. When the music stops, give the crowd a monster to become once the music starts.  Let’s say you chose a vampire, so they all dance as vampires.  On the next, “Freeze!” you can tell them, “Now you are all Zombies.”  People young and old really come out of their shells when dressed in costumes and pumped up with sugar – be creative, they’ll play along. 

Parade/Costume Contest: This activity is often simply a part of one of the aforementioned events.  A parade/contest gives you the opportunity to help showcase costumes. Plus, parents are always wanting an opportunity to take photos, which is a great opportunity to get your face out there. When I choose costume contest winners, I try having creative categories like: scariest, funniest, most creative, most adorable, best group costume, etc.

Now that you have some ideas for events, you need Halloween-themed music.  My top five favorites and my favorite activities to do with them are:

1.  Thriller – I love to do a watered down version of the dance made famous by MJ. I break it up into 4 dance moves. I treat it like a line dance. I do the 4 moves, then repeat.

2.  Monster Mash – This song is perfect for the hand jive, which is an easy dance for everyone.

3.  She Wolf by Shakira – Try playing this for a fun beat while doing limbo.

4.  Ghostbusters – This is great for “Freeze Dance.” 

5.  This is Halloween (from Nightmare Before Christmas) – There is no better costume parade song out there.

Bonus Song:  Night on Disco Mountain by David Shire – I love this song. It’s fun background music and sets the tone for dancing. 

There you have it – Halloween events in a nutshell.  Go out there rock your next event or scare them to death or leave them in stitches…or any Halloween themed pun you can think of.

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