Book of the Month: Unshakeable By Tony Robbins

April 28, 2017 by Michael Cordeiro

If “macro” and “micro economics” and “fiduciary” sound like items on an Indian take out menu to you, don’t feel bad. Understanding the world of finance, the stock market, and planning for retirement is mind boggling. My eyes just glaze over any time someone starts “speaking” math. The hard truth is that in today’s world of an uncertain economy and individual retirement plans, one has to be very savvy and knowledgeable to get ahead of the game and have financial security.

Super lifestyle guru Tony Robbins’ new book Unshakeable decodes the financial gibberish and double-talk of Wall Street into a navigable plan of action for financial freedom. Tony uses charts, graphs and a lot of straight talk to help you understand the basics of investing and how to avoid its pitfalls and most common mistakes. Chapter by chapter, Unshakeable slowly gives you the confidence to make informed financial decisions.

Throughout Unshakeable Tony blatantly calls out the sharks and “used car salesman” of the financial world that are more concerned with selling you “products” than helping you build wealth and security. Unshakeable delves into the investment strategies used by top wealth managers and hedge fund gurus to provide you with an easy to follow plan of action. The book analyzes the pros and cons of using an aggressive portfolio vs. more stable index funds. Tony gives you plenty of tips, tricks and no-nonsense advice for finding the right financial planner to help you.

Tony also dispels the myth of “beating the market” and shows how smart investors really make money. The book further breaks down how hidden fees can eat away at your nest egg and what you can do to avoid them. Unshakeable is full of practical investment knowledge and a lot of math terms which does make the book a little dry at times. But Tony does his best to keep you interested and excited about building real wealth for your future.

Tony Robbins is one of the most charismatic people I have ever met. All he has to do is walk into a room and smile, and the energy level instantly goes from 4… to 11! (Imagine if you could have the same effect on the guests at your events each time you DJ.) My wife and I felt so blessed to see him in person on the set of the Dr. Oz show. If you are looking for real motivation in your life, check out his seminars.
Overall, Unshakeable is a great book for people just starting to invest or looking to tweak their existing portfolios. Tony has geared the book to work for every level of investor (not just millionaires). One of the best things about Unshakeable is that 100% of the profits go to Tony’s organization Feeding America which provides free meals to people in need. Become Unshakeable and start building the life of financial abundance you deserve.

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