Book of the Month – Celebrate Life By Marcello Pedalino

August 5, 2017 by Michael Cordeiro


Nothing is more relaxing to me than sitting at the beach with a great book. Listening to the waves, toes in the sand -You know the song, right? The best beach books are the ones that make you dive deep into their pages until the end leaving you feeling a whole lot better about yourself. The best book I’ve read this summer hands down is Celebrate Life by Marcello Pedalino.

I like to read a lot of self help, motivational books. The problem with many of them is that they are too “self-helpy”. Sometimes I feel like I need a degree in meta physics or astral geometry to grasp their meaning. Many times the concepts in them really can’t be applied to the life I’m trying to live. Yeah, admit it, you’ve had that experience. Thankfully, Celebrate Life conveys it’s message in a straight forward, positive, easy to apply way.

The Author (Marcello) takes the stresses of everyday life (work, family, bills) and gives simple but powerful remedies for getting past what stops you from, well – celebrating life! Each chapter of Celebrate Life is filled with those “nuggets” we all love at to get at conventions. Marcello highlights these nuggets in boldface type so they literally jump off the page at you.

One of my favorite nuggets in the book is right at the beginning of Chapter one. Marcello writes,“If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your family or your clients”. Seriously think about that statement for a minute. How healthy are you? What are you going to do right now to better your health? Do you invest in yourself as much as you do your company? Read the book.

Marcello has incorporated two key things I find that most self help or motivational books lack. Pictures and author’s notes. Each chapter in Celebrate Life has little blocks filled with “Marcello’s Messages” and pictures that really do communicate a “thousand words”. Each chapter builds on the message of the previous one. The structure of the book easily leads the reader to Marcello’s goal of having you learn to let go and celebrate the gift of life you’ve have been given.


At only 150 pages, Celebrate Life is a great afternoon read. Even though Marcello is a household name in the DJ community, this book is NOT about being a better DJ. It’s about being a better YOU. Everyone can find the concepts and message of Celebrate Life useful if they choose. To learn more about how the author can help you to celebrate life please contact Marcello at:


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