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November 10, 2015 by DigiGames

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Welcome back to the blog! I hope you are having a good week of trivia hosting and have been enjoying the weeks postings so far. Today, I am going to expand on one issues that was briefly mentioned quite some time ago in a longer article entitled How To Book More Trivia Shows. The article looked at several ways in which you could and should be promoting your services to ensure you are getting the most profit and income you can from your trivia business as well, of course, as  getting your name out there.

In the modern day and age every good business, no matter what you do, needs a good web site and the same goes for trivia hosts. Take a look at the most successful hosts in your area (which I hope you are amongst, if not you will be soon!) and I bet they have exceptional websites. What is the first thing a customer asks in any market this day and age? Do you have a website?……If you say No it clouds an aurora of suspicion and unprofessionalism. If you say yes and can point them in the direction of a professional website then it will start to win over your customers and this is where I begin….

Book more trivia shows – Website Advertising – Spend time and money making it good

Firstly, you need to make sure the site you produce is appealing and professional. Using a basic tool online will only produce and amateurish site that will make people thing that’s your style. If you are prepared to spend money investing in equipment and bits and bobs of machinery to make your trivia hosting more appealing and varied then make sure some of this budget is set aside for the website as only with time to think about it and money to invest in building and hosting it will have the adverse effect. People often think websites are expensive but for something like your trivia site, which is not going to change very often, and has the main purpose of simply giving information then the basic fact is that it can be cheap…..Shop around as the industry is quite competitive nowadays so make sure you can get the best price!

In turn the professional site will improve bookings as the venue owners and clients will take you much more seriously if you have a nice modern site than if you have something a 4 year old has scraped together!

Book more trivia shows – Website Advertising – Get it out there! – Use Videos

….and that being said do not just stick to basic text. In this day and age people surfing the web look at a page for an average of way under a minute so you need something to catch their attention. Having a good video on your site showing you in action or indeed having testimonials from your customers will serve to impress and allow you to raise business and get more shows booked!  If you put videos on your site, there are certain guidelines to follow, which we recommend in our blog post Making a video to promote yourself.

Book more trivia shows – Website Advertising – Get it out there! – Samples

Also remember its not always about the glitz and glamour you are providing but also the trivia questions you are putting out there. Don’t fall into the trap of ignoring this and get a good sample, perhaps your best questions with a nice range of subjects, up on the site. I tend to include a sample set of all my main services….fun trivia, music trivia, fun fortunes, more serious events…so people can really see what they are getting. Again though, the only way samples will ensure you get more bookings is if you put in the effort needed to make it happen!

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