Book a School Dance with the RIGHT People By: Matt Ryan

January 17, 2011 by Matt Ryan

You’ve spent hours crafting the perfect cover letter. You’re certain your rates are just right for your market. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars printing flashy brochures. Plus you’re good at what you do! You’ve been endlessly spinning your wheels trying to break into the school dance market. Why aren’t you getting the bookings?

The best marketing materials in the wrong hands is useless. Can you be certain your materials are actually landing on the desk of the decision maker – the person who is ultimately responsible for hiring the DJ at the school’s dances? Some DJs incorrectly believe that the building principal or other administrator makes this decision. Some DJs attempt to market their services directly towards students for school events, thinking they’ll have the pull influence the decision.

Most schools have one or two teachers, working under supplemental contracts as co-curricular advisors, that are ultimately responsible for organizing the dances and hiring the DJ. These advisors take different titles depending on the configuration of the school. In middle schools and junior high schools, it’s usually the student council advisor or athletic/activities director. In high schools, it’s often class advisors, the student council advisor, or co-curricular director. Sending your materials directly to the right person is a critical step in being hired for their next dance. Do not rely on a secretary or administrator to forward your “junk mail” to the right person.

Before you send out your marketing materials, take the time to research your target schools and determine who is responsible for organizing the dances. Most likely a phone call to the school’s general phone number will net you the information you’re looking for when the question is tactfully posed. Commit to yourself to eliminate the waste of your time and marketing dollars and ensure that every contact you make with a school is directed to the right person.

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