Blizzard takes it to the Max with the G-Max™ 150

February 12, 2015 by Mobile Beat

Waukesha, WI. – Brighter, faster, stronger… these are just a few things to expect from the G-Max™ 150, Blizzard Lighting’s first “next big thing” of 2015. This new LED moving head fixture comes equipped with an intensely bright 150-watt LED light source, as well as a ton of other delicious goodies.G-Max150

Along with the sheer power its single 150w light source with 15° optics (129,313 Lux @ 1m), there is a lot to love about this fixture, including amazingly fast pan and tilt features. The 3-phase stepper motors that are found under the hood of the G-Max™ 150 can provide maximum speeds of 2.2 second 0-540° pan, and less than 1.2 second 0-270° tilt. Extraordinarily quick, bright, and crisp areal effects are not a problem for the G-Max™ 150, it will definitely rank among the top of its class in these categories.
Seven vibrant solid colors plus white are at your disposal thanks to the G-Max™ 150’s 7-color +open color wheel. And in every one of its three DMX channel modes; there are designated DMX values for each solid color, as well as quick access to every 50/50 split color for outstanding dual colored beam effects. Then, bidirectional rainbow effects with a separate channel for speed control round out its colored beam effects, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.
When it comes to gobo effects, the G-Max™ 150 is no slouch. It has two gobo wheels, each with 7 gobos, including 7 that are rotating, indexing and interchangeable. Four of its gobos are glass and ready to rock straight out of the box. G-Max™ 150 fixtures even come with two extra gobos, so users can feel free to change things up when they’re feeling a little saucy. Manual and preset auto focus settings based on 5/7.5/10/15 and 20-meter distances are also at your fingertips in each and every one of its DMX channel modes to keep things looking sharp. Then add in iris, variable strobe, gobo shake, and 3 or 8-facet prism effects for an over-the-top performance every single time. Setup multiple G-Max™ 150 fixtures in M/S mode with pan/tilt invert for ultimate stage lighting bliss.
G-Max™ 150 fixtures can easily be set to run in auto mode, sound active mode, or users can take matters into their own hands via 21/23 or 24-channel of DMX. An attractive and easy-to-use 4-button LCD control panel is found on the front of the unit, which also allows access to every control setting including your choice of 3 separate 32-bit dimming curve modes, LCD display backlight options, flipped menu display, and factory reset.
And finally, the G-Max™ 150‘s rear PowerCON® compatible input and output power connections, 3 and 5-pin in/out DMX jacks, and dual 1/4-turn omega mounting brackets sum up the great features you’ll find in this incredibly cool, powerful new fixture.

And of course, it’s also backed by Blizzard’s 2-year warranty.

Retail price for G-Max™ 150 is $ 1,999.99.G-Max150-Beam

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