Blizzard Lighting Lit Atlantic City!

August 21, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Waukesha, WI. – Blizzard Lighting returned to DJ Expo, where they showed off their newest fixtures at their politically-themed booth. ThunderStik™

Turbo Scan™ – Blizzard’s brand new, super bright, blazing fast LED scanner loaded with 150-watt LED light source. With two gobo wheels each with 7 gobos, Turbo Scan™ creates crisp, clear beams that are sure to give your light show a major performance boost.

Snake Eyes™ Mini – An incredible futuristic mini cube-shaped moving head loaded with 6x 10-watt CREE™ RGBW LEDs and 12x RGB strips. This fun size fixture has everything you love about Blizzard’s larger Snake Eyes™ fixtures compacted into a fixture that is ¼ the size.

Blockhead™ Z9 – This 3×3 LED pixel matrix moving head fixture is fully equipped to put on a high energy light show with its 9x 15-watt RGBW 4-in-1 Gaggione™ LEDs with 10° to 50° motorized zoom. This one’s a real head turner!

Weather System™ EXA – Blizzard’s best-selling Weather System™ redesigned with 6-in-1 LEDs and wireless control. The Weather System™ EXA is a powerful and portable lighting system with 8 individually controllable LED fixtures, each with 3x 15-watt 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs.

ThunderStik™ – A slick, new linear wash loaded with 5x 15-watt RGBW Quad-Color OSRAM™ LEDs and an incredibly narrow 5° lens design for impressive beam and direct view capabilities.

Stiletto™ Glo19Stiletto™ Glo19 – Loaded with 19x 15-watt OSRAM™ 4-in-1 RGBAW LEDs and separate RGB color mixing Glo™ control, the Stiletto™ Glo19 is a powerful beam and wash luminaire built to impress with it’s sharp beams and glowing effects.

BUDDHA™ – An indispensable tool for all professional lighting technicians and installers, BUDDHA™ is Blizzard’s universal DMX Data Handheld appliance equipped to measure, test, and troubleshoot any application with DMX controlled lighting!

Blizzard Lighting, LLC, headquartered in Waukesha, Wis., is a leader in LED entertainment lighting. You can find Blizzard’s products working hard on tour and in performance venues around the world. To learn more, visit us at

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